An expertly crafted video can boost your company’s online sales, visibility and brand value. Award Winning Producer Terri Marie and Her Team can bring your personalized video to life in one day!

Sign up now for a full day (9AM to 4:30 PM) with talented producer and executive Terri Marie. In one session, you can walk away with a professionally filmed and edited digital copy of an online sales tool that highlights your company’s unique strengths.

Spend a day shifting into a higher gear, using UBT (Unique Business Themed videos) to grow your business and your influence.

  • This VIP day is completely tailored to you and your company’s needs.
  • We will spend an intense discovery and action packed day together to strategize and film your new Unique Business video.
  • You will get examples and case studies of what has worked well for her other valued clients and their companies.
  • You will get the templates you need to “expose” your business to a whole new level.
  • The actual day with delightful lunch is held at a 4 star rating at one of Conde Nast Traveler top resorts in Southern California.
  • One week after your session you will have a follow up call with Terri Marie based on implementing your new video theme.
Terri Marie

Terri Marie

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Terri Marie has produced over 30 documentaries, won producing awards, aired documentaries and TV programs and successfully interviewed thousands of guests. Terri Marie has a unique knack for pulling out the best of people. In her interview with James Roosevelt, son of FDR, she uncovered a revealing story about President Franklin Roosevelt. Her interviews with the National Judo Institute were so profound that the director called her program, “The most beautiful video on Judo ever created.” She can do that for you too!


Irvin Kershner Mentor and friend Irvin Kershner (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) with Terri Marie at his home a month before he passed away. “Kersh” taught Terri Marie how to put movement, eye and heart into film.


Stein: A Man and His Mountain

Terri Marie produced three ski movies with Olympic Gold Medalist Stein Eriksen and Deer Valley Resort along with an hour long Christmas Special called “The Legendary Skier” in connection with the Utah Winter Games.

Stein Eriksen


Video – The Online Darling

An engaging video presenting you as the expert, builds your credibility, visibility and trust with both your current and potential clients and customer.

You are poised to ride a tsunami of video. Here’s why.

  • 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore)
    Will yours be one of them?

Here’s a shocker..

  • By 2017, 90% of all traffic will be video based. (Cisco)
  • Videos on landing pages increased conversions by 86%. (WebDAM)
  • Professionally produced video optimized for eCommerce outperforms user-generated video (UGC video) by 30%. (ComScore)
    I.E. People will watch the cute cat videos (me included) and help it go viral but they buy from companies who have professional videos.

Producer and Interviewer Terri Marie has created a unique technique to discover the emotional context of your work and business story so that it can reveal you and your business in a way that people relate to. In other words it has heart… and what comes from the heart goes to the heart.

Terri Marie can do that for you and your company. She will help you uncover the theme of your business’s story, the best way to present that in your interviews, videos and media appearances. Her insights and clarity will give your company a new focus and intensity that will draw out the best of you and your product and services so that you can attract the kind of clients that are perfect for you and begging for your services.

Terri Marie’s expertize is used by industry professionals such as Paul Apodaca, board member for the California Council for the Humanities and part of the team that won an Academy Award for the Documentary
Broken Rainbow. Paul uses Marie’s documentary, The Deer Dance of San Juan in his classes at UCLA as a premier example of how to how a great documentary should be made.


The UBT Process is:

  • Step 1. Discovery Session: In this first session we have a conversation about you, your company and determine your value.
  • Step 2. The Exclusive Hook: This part of our strategy session together and is determined after your interview is filmed.
  • Step 3. Unique Business Theme: This is where we tie it all together using your values, exclusivity and hook to determine your personalized Business Themed Video.


“A California filmmaker has created a ski video that is suffused with feeling for the sport. And the spirit of the sport has never been better expressed.”

“Terri Marie’s invocation of Stein Eriksen’s humanity and his superb professionalism in the film she showed, The Heart of Skiing at the International Ski History Association dinner in honor of Stein at Deer Valley was an outstanding example of artistry and passion in the pursuit of a true and revealing historical record.”


—Morten Lund, Secretary ISHA Chairman, International Ski History Association, US Ski Hall of Fame Selection Committee

An Interview with James Roosevelt: Memories and Thoughts

This interview…portrays a presidential family in a unique way, through the eyes of the oldest son of two of the best known people of our time. The scenes of America are beautifully coordinated with the program theme. I treasure it… Franklin (Roosevelt) would’ve loved it.” james

—Mary Roosevelt, wife of the late James Roosevelt,

daughter-in-law of Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt

Eldon Taylor “I have known Terri Marie for over twenty years. She insists on doing the best at everything she undertakes. Her products reflect that sense of responsibility. She has produced miracles for me. I am truly grateful and appreciative of her media genius.”

—Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling

Author of Choices and Illusions

“I definitely thought as I think did most attendees that your presentation about Stein Eriksen was the highlight of the week. It captured so well Steins history and his great contribution to the SnowSports world all these many years. A fascinating and well-produced film. You captured perfectly the essence of the man.”

—Bernard E. Weichsel, President BEWI Productions Inc., Producer of

SnowSports Expos – Bewi Productions Inc.

“A magnificent film.”

—John Jay, John Jay Productions, 1917-2001 America’s first ski filmmaker

“The Legendary Skier is a wonderful movie.”

—Ray Leverton, Curator, USA National Ski Hall of Fame

John Keenan “Terri Marie has lived what she teaches. I have had the opportunity to learn from her while working with her in the studio. Just being in the room with her… helped take me to a new place in my life.”

—John Keenan, Producer Songwriter Engineer JCK Productions

“I mentioned my bind to Terri Marie. Without a blink, she outlined the steps for contacting the artist and the agency…. Following her suggestions for how to make my request, within 72 hours I received unlimited permission from the artist and his agency. From my experience, I can say that Terri Marie knows how to make things happen, and quickly!”

—Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D.


Understanding Judo

“The Most Beautiful Judo Video Ever Created”

—The late Phil Porter, a rare 8th Black Belt, The Director of the

National Judo Institute in Colorado Springs

“The Best Show Anyone Has Ever Produced of Our Event.”

—Bobby Cammack, Founder Director, Fishing Has No Boundaries

(Terri Marie produced “Fishing Has No Boundaries” with the help of the Wisconsin Film Commission)

“This director’s spirit comes through in everything she does! I also love that this video feels so inclusive.”

—Carolyn Howard-Johnson

“If you want to watch a video that is guaranteed to touch your heart…watch one from White Wing. Terri Marie is the best!”

—Rex Wisehart


If you are ready to spend a day shifting into a higher gear, using UBT Unique Business Themed videos to grow your business and your influence, send an email to info@reelmountainpictures.com


Deer Valley Resort Gary and Terri Marie Roots

Director of Photography, Gary Nate (Warren Miller Entertainment) with Producer Terri Marie at Deer Valley Resort



Upon acceptance into your VIP day with Award Winning Producer Terri Marie, her assistant will send you a brief questionnaire to determine the unique value of your business, identify the appropriate attendees, and shape the focus of the day.

One week prior to your scheduled VIP day, Terri Marie will conduct a 30-minute preview call with your team to ensure goals are aligned.

You will also receive an ‘Interviewing Tips and Tricks’ summary to help you come prepared for the interview session and make sure everyone looks great on camera.


Here’s How You Will Spend Your VIP Day


Brooks, Director of Photography

Terri Marie will lead a brief introductory meeting where she will review your questionnaire and ask any remaining questions. After ensuring you are adequately prepared, Terri Marie will conduct an in-depth interview with you to uncover the unique value you bring to your customers.

Relax. Terri Marie’s done this before – thousands of times. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and safe – so they can open up to their brilliance without fear or stress. Terri Marie brings her interviewing genius to merge with your business expertise.

You will spend the morning in discovery sessions being interviewed by Terri Marie – both on and off camera. Late morning we will strategize your Hook, your timeline, and where to place it in the pond of visibility.

Terri Marie and her cameraman will prepare Your Unique Script, using the best selections that were filmed from your morning interview. You will choose music, colors, style, and themes together before your unique business video is edited. This will create your Unique Business Theme. If appropriate, Terri Marie may even suggest a tag line or log line for you like a movie trailer.

Your session will be filmed by expert Director of Photography, Brooks, known in the business as Doctor Wrinkle Free because of how great he makes everyone look on camera. Brooks has worked on many commercial shoots and was chosen to for ESPN because of his high standards. Brooks will make you look incredible on camera.

LUNCH (and of course breaks and snacks) will be provided.


Tailoring: putting in details.

Any additional filming

Edits and revisions

Wrap up session and a copy of “Expert Guidelines For High Visibility”


You will leave with a fully edited 2-3 minute video and we will look forward to your follow up call.


9:00 am Session starts
10:15 Short break
10:30 Interviewing begins
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Editing and reshooting begin
4:30 Your Final Business Video is delivered!

You will receive a follow up call within 2 weeks for your implementation progress.

Contact Terri Marie for a VIP day today.

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