Serious Investors

Reel Mountain Pictures provides opportunities for investors who not only want the potential of excellent profits and the diversification into the movie business with related perks and potentials but also want to be part of a team who make movies that raise the bar on human potential stories.

The opportunity being providing to you is to invest in the seed money of $250,000 for the script rewrite, treatment, (WGA guidelines) synopsis, shooting schedule and preliminary contracts. We will also shoot the first production trailer. At that point – at least 2 studios and several producers are interested. The new script and treatment will be used to raise the additional funds and/or sell to the studio for production.

Reel Mountain Pictures projects that the return on this investment could be very profitable with a well-made movie.



Executive Summary

Reel Mountain Pictures provides elevated entertainment to audiences worldwide. We provide films that encourage, enlighten and uplift. With so many mainstream movies out there being made for the lowest common denominator, we choose to focus on quality stories that display the great human potential. These are stories of transformation and purpose. Stories that encourage audience members to look deeply into their own lives for potential change and growth. They are movies that show the deep connection we have to life itself and the underlying greatness inside each human.

“It’s not the mountains we
conquer, but ourselves.”

– Sir Edmund Hillary

Creating high quality human potential films is at every step of our production process with appropriate and excellent teams pulled together for each movie project. From pre-production to production, post, marketing, sales and distribution, Reel Mountain Pictures keeps in mind the audience members who will be entertained and inspired to step into their greater life. Reel Mountain Pictures is also aware of our commitment to our investors and their belief in the profitability of the movies we choose to put into development and production. Achieving successful profit margins on our movies is a very high priority because we want long term relationships with our investors and to continue to produce high quality entertaining movies.

Refreshing films with greater human potential in mind. Movies with a message.

Produce a higher form of entertainment to encourage a higher level of the human spirit to emerge. We intend to produce at least 2 profit-making elevated entertainment films per year with worldwide distribution returning a profit of at least 50-100% per film to each investor.

Reel Mountain Pictures LLC produces high quality films with stories to elevate and transform the human spirit. We have one film in pre-production: “Western Epic” (Working Title), a true story set in the mid 1800s in California’s Gold Rush territory yet the story is not about the Gold. It’s about connection, transformation and destiny.


* For a more detailed inquiry and/or a copy of the script and attachments for serious investors only, please contact us.