Feature Film Project

“Destiny Epic” (Working Title)  

This film is based on an incredible true story. A shy man, a square peg in the round hole of the outrageous old west of the Gold Era is faced with a choice that not only flips his destiny, but the destiny of an entire state. The story wings though adventures, romance, and some lighthearted comedy.

We have completed the script rewrite and now move to preproduction. The Producer has created over 36 documentaries.

This unique story has events that seem unbelievable, yet they were achieved by the main character through intense struggle and great commitment. The story takes place in California, in the old west, involving a transplanted European. These two aspects will help greatly with foreign distribution because of the western and the European influences. With foreign sales contributing significantly to box office gross, and the adventure portion of the story appealing to ever growing Asian markets, there is a great potential for profit upon release.

Reel Mountain Pictures feels we can attract a superb actor to play this challenging and character driven lead. While the lead is male and young (starts at 26) an actor like Meryl Streep has mentioned on 60 Minutes how she would gladly accept a role in an independent feature exactly because it is the type of role she is looking for to add her already significant repertoire.

We are going to do everything to make this film extremely successful with the help of a committed and very competent team in production, casting, marketing and all important distribution. We invite you to join us in creating a film about a very unique character that bloomed into legend.

* For a more detailed inquiry and/or a copy of the script and celebrity attachments for serious investors only, please contact us.




Produced 23 Exercise Programs called “The Great Body Escape”,

Producer, Director, Writer on over 30 Documentaries

Some include:

“Bringing Back the Cranes” A program on the work of the International Crane Foundation to save an almost extinct species, the Whooping Crane, with the story of “Tex”, the first female bred in captivity.

  • Produced, wrote, directed and edited. 1990


“Fishing Has No Boundaries” A nature event in beautiful Northern Wisconsin which brings the disabled for a weekend of wilderness.

  • Produced, directed, wrote, narrated and edited with the help of the Wisconsin Film Commission. 1990. 30 minutes.


“Understanding Judo” A video on the art of Judo with simple but beautiful graphic illustrations in association with the National Judo Institute in Colorado Springs.

  • Performed all functions. Oct. 1990


“The Deer Dance of San Juan Pueblo” The story of the winter Deer Dance of the Tiwa Native Americans from the dance’s origins as a fable to the customs of today.

  • Performed all functions. 30 minutes. May 1990


“The USA Ski Team Special” A television program on the Ski Team’s summer training camp in Park City, Utah and the team’s off-season preparation. Shows the development of now Olympic Gold- Medallist Tommie Moe.

  • July 1989.


“An Interview With James Roosevelt: Memories & Thoughts” An hour program on the last USA interview with James, the eldest son of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. James gave his thoughts about critical historical times and the ideas inspired by his famous parents and offered insights into their behaviors.

  • James died shortly before this program aired in Oct 1991. One hour.



“Stein: A Man & His Mountain” The life and philosophy of Stein Eriksen, the ’52 Olympic Gold Medallist who has devoted his life to the sport of Alpine Skiing. Prohibited from practicing by the Nazi Occupation of Norway, Stein and his friends helped develop a new sport, alpine skiing. This program aired on PBS twice in So. Cal. Feb. 1992.

  • Produced, wrote, directed and helped edit the project. One hour.


“The Legendary Skier” A tale of Stein’s skiing life and early influences. Aired on KTVX; the largest broadcast area in the country as a Christmas Special honoring Stein’s work with the Utah Winter Games.

  • Dec 1998. 30 minutes


“The Heart of Skiing” Learn the unchangeable basics of skiing with Olympic Champion Stein Eriksen. Includes segments on powder skiing, skiing steep runs, skiing with your family and Stein’s Ten Commandments of skiing. Portions aired on PBS Europe, the 2012 Olympic big screens and at the Joe Quinney Olympic Ski Center in Park City.



“Christmas Safety”

“Halloween Safety”

“Canyon Hills Center for Abused Children”



Bringing Back the Cranes

The Deer Dance of San Juan

Understanding Judo

  • Called “The most beautiful judo video ever created” by the National Judo Institute

An Interview with James Roosevelt: Memories and Thoughts

Stein: A Man & His Mountain

The Roots of Rock and Roll

Fishing Has No Boundaries: The disabled nature program in Northern Wisconsin

Kid’s Adventureland Playground

Energy with America’s Sparkplug and Mr. USA

Our Colorful World with Wyland Galleries

Ski Team Summer Special

Ski Team Injury Prevention

Success is Happiness

Dr Taylor: The Mind

J.J. Marsh, Mr. America and Cheryl Jaffe, America’s Sparkplug

Brianheader Utah Bike Race

100 Mile Run

Wisconsin Farm Show

Whole Brain Learning

Glen Ivy

Calico Ghost Town

Utah’s Shakespearean Festival

The Legendary Skier

Ride Across America

The Heart of Skiing



Success is Happiness



John Jay, The Golden Years of Skiing

The American Entrepreneur with Internet Millionaire Success Tom Antion